//List of selected candidates 2019

List of selected candidates 2019

Name Surname          Institution/Company Country
Alejandro  Caballero  University de Cadiz  Spain
Eszter Magyar University of Plymouth  UK
Moustafa Elkolali Oslo Metrolopitan University  Norway
Anil  Akpinar National Oceanography Centre UK
Emily Maxner JASCO  Canada
Claire Bougeault  Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine (SHOM)  France
Ria  Oelerich University of East Anglia UK
Yixi  Zheng  University of East Anglia UK
Ines Martins  Instituto Hidrografrico  Portugal
Enrico  Anderlini University College London  UK
Catherine Harris  National Oceanography Centre UK
Marc Rigter University of Oxford UK
Kelly Lance NOVASYSTEMS Australia
Moustafa Abdelaziz  Port Said University Egypt
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